Jeet Kune Do/Filipino Kali

Jeet Kune Do also known as JKD is a Hybrid Martial Art that fuses the best of various arts to an individuals repertoire.

JKD principles set by Bruce Lee.

  1. Absorb what is useful
  2. Discard what is useless
  3. Add what is specifically your own from your own experience

JKD is viewed as a Philosophy for Life not just Combat training.

From Beginners to Black Belt

Basic Programme (also known as the Foundation programme ). This entry level programme is designed for all who are new at participating in Combat training. At this level students work on

  • Posture, various foot work
  • Various punches and kicks – deliver and receive
  • Basic defense against grabs, pushes and pulls

Phase 1 Level 1

Students work on:

  • Various kicks, punches, knees and elbow strikes in combination drills. Deliver and receive
  • Further defence in grabs,¬†pushes, pulls and chokes
  • Basic trapping drills
  • Basic stick and knife defence

Phase 1 Level 2

Students learn:

  • Additional attacks, defences and counter-attacks – Deliver and receive
  • Close range hand trapping
  • Further defence in grabs, pushes, pulls, holds and pins
  • Basic defense against sticks and knives. Know how to use and defuse.

Phase 2 Level 1

In this Intermediate class students:

  • Continue to review and develop previous learned skills
  • More of an emphasis of in-fighting
  • Introducing takedowns, sweeps and throws.
  • Intermediate stick and knife fighting.

Phase 2 Level 2

Students learn:

  • Advanced kick-boxing, trapping and grappling
  • Advanced defences and counter attacks against multiple attackers with and without weapons
  • Introducing more of an emphasis on grappling
  • Multiple attacker training.

Phase 3 Level 1,2,3,4 (Senior Level)

  • Advanced sparring
  • Stress training against multiple attackers with and without weapons.
  • Gun disarming
  • Combining confidently the different ranges of combat with and without weapons.
  • Grappling against an armed attacker

Phase 4 – Black Belt equivalent